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Pastor's Corner
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Father David RichterMarch 2, 2014

Dear Friends in Christ,

Many thanks to all who worked so hard on the Parish Mass and Picnic last weekend. While the rain prevented us from holding both at the park, there was no lack of attendance at the one Sunday morning Mass that we held in the church, nor in the number of people who came to the Gym for the meal afterward. Thank you for taking our Be Dynamic efforts to heart, renewing our parish life! 

Last week we began our third period of 40 days, with the emphasis now being placed on taking another look at our various programs and ministries we want to renew with more parishioners being added to them. The JGS Ministry Booklet 2014 is being made available to you at the weekend Masses today as you leave the church doors. We ask that you pick up one booklet per family. If we happen to 
run out, we will print more soon. 

There are such a wide variety of possibilities, no one should feel that the ministries are open only to those who are extroverts or who feel comfortable with public speaking. For every Parish School of Religion catechist or RCIA teacher, there are also the Prayer Blanket and Handy Helpers ministries. 

Those who get their energy and spiritual insight through weekly Bible Studies or Small Faith Communities may be different from those who want to pray the rosary on Monday mornings in the church or at the Marian Movement of Priests prayer cenacle on the third Thursday of the month. 

The persons who are available to carry out hands-on Catholic social teaching and ministry have a number of choices: St. Vincent de Paul Society, Family Promise, Mission Trips, Refuge of Hope, Compassion in Action (formerly Parish Social Justice Committee), Mercy Ministries, Meals on Wheels, and Interfaith. 

We have an insert placed in the Ministry Booklet 2014 which adds the possibilities that for one reason or another (or no reason) did not wind up in the booklet until now: First Friday Divine Mercy, First Sunday Rosary before the Masses, the Knights of Columbus (the best men’s fraternal organization in the world is also strongly pro-life, devoted to the Holy Father, and takes on a great number of projects good for the parish and community as well as the universal Church), Pre-Cana Marriage Preparation Ministry, Teams of Our Lady, and Welcome to JGS Ministry. 

Much needed because our youth are not as involved in our parishes today are parents to help with the High School CYO, Cross Trainers, Junior Shepherds, and Vacation Bible School on the last week in June. 

There are more that I could list for you, but there is no longer any room. Pick up a copy of the ministry booklet and think about what you could take part in. There is something for everyone.

In the Lord’s Peace,

Fr. David T. Richter

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